You have reached the cyber-home of the definitive computer based cataloging and reference system for collectors of musical recordings.

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TapeTracker is a cataloging and reference system for collectors of musical recordings. The program was born out of dissatisfaction with existing products that perform similar functions and is designed to serve the needs of both the casual collector and insatiable trader.

TapeTracker is the culmination of a seven year development effort so far, over which time a great many individuals have contributed their wealth of tape trading experience and computer knowlege to make it the application that it has become.

TapeTracker is designed to handle all aspects of managing your collection of recordings including, but not limited to:
Generating lists of your recordings (printable and emailable)
Filtering your recordings according to criteria that you specify
Printing custom j cards (tape labels inserts) for your recordings
Tracking ongoing trades with other people
Tracking recordings that you have lent out to other people
Maintaining lists of dates, venues and set lists for live shows

TapeTracker handles an unlimited number of artists and recordings. For each recording you can store any or all of the following information:
Noise Reduction
SCMS Status
Sound Rating
Microphones used
Set One
Set Two
Set Three
Time (each set)
Tape List Note
J Card Comment     Techincal Notes
Reference #
Date Added
Trader Rec’d From
No Trades Allowed
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